Your future home,
ready to be lived in


Repeatable units of 60 mq to enjoy the living
nHouse is our brand new concept of modular house which heads towards the revolution of the meaning of residence. nHouse is a 60-squared-meter module house with all the comforts of a modern and technological home. nHouse is a wholly made in Italy housing unit, designed to be entirely produced within the factory and installed in less than two days on site. The best building products are processed by highly advanced technology in order to guarantee excellent energy performance and soundproofing at a low cost.

Ready to be lived.

The house as you want it, as soon as you want it
nHouse means the experience of living without the efforts to building. The plug-and-play system saves time, costs and construction site complications: the nHouse module is customized on the expressed/required needs, then produced, assembled and transported on site for installation. Open the door and feel free to live nHouse.


Eco-sustainable materials to feel nature inside the home
Our conscious approach to natural materials of high quality, selected, processed and combined with creativity and innovation, gives perfection to the connection between nHouse and the surrounding environment. The extension from the internal to the external spaces through the large windows and the roof garden are among the details which create harmony between nHouse and the surrounding environment.
Place it anywhere. Even over time. Move it where you want.
Your family grows, nHouse grows with you. Add a new module when needed.
Smart ventilation and lighting. An experience for any occasion.


Interiors and the good feeling
nHouse is meant to be lived. Spaces are designed around people and their needs. The modern design and simplicity of the high quality furniture make you feel free to enjoy the intimacy of your home with pleasure. The spaces and the connection between them are designed to make the experience of living and sharing unique. Feeling safe and protected, but free to explore the surrounding environment, is the result of intelligent home automation systems added to the latest generation technologies.

Take a look inside

360 view of the living
Internal surface
54 m2
Total surface
76 m2
Maximum internal height
275 cm
Maximum footprint
585cm x 1402 cm x 430cm

The Room of your dreams

360 view of the bedroom

How we build our houses

Values ​​behind the concept
nHouse concept looks forward to the future being aware of past experience. The future guides us towards innovation and sustainability, which we embrace with the commitment to build durable, environmentally friendly and recyclable products. The past has allowed us to reach the awareness that the psychological and physical well-being as well as the pleasure of living are connected to air and lighting quality. Our studies on materials and advanced construction techniques are therefore the principles on which the completion of our products is based. We also want to make the experience of living in an nHouse accessible. Detailed design and off-site construction allow us to control production costs and ensure the final product is as you envisioned it.

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